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martes 21 de mayo del 2019 9:30am

How do Political Elites influence Policy Making and what can civil society actors do?

The aim of the event is sharing research findings of colleagues from several parts of the world about how states currently build public policies, the influence that political elites have on the construction of those policies and some of the conditions that enable civil society organizations to participate in policy-making.
Overall, panelists and participants will debate about the advantages and limitations of examining the state as a heterogeneous and fragmented construction, as well as the best methodological techniques to examine state agencies “from the inside”.
Panelists will have 30 minutes to present. Each panel will allow 30 minutes for Q&A and discussion.
Date of the Event: Mayo 21st 2019
Location: FLACSO México. Carretera al Ajusco 377, Héroes de Padierna, Tlalpan, CDMX
Unidad de Seminarios 2, Research Building, Second Floor.
9:40 a 11:35 PANEL 1. “Elite Influence and the Making of Contemporaneous States”

Dr. Janine Wedel (Mason University): Shadow elites and (un) accountability: blurred boundaries of state and private (Online communication).
Dr. Gisela Zaremberg (FLACSO México): The Influence of Religious Flexi-nets on Latin American Politics
Comments by Dr. Cecilia Bobes (Flacso México) and Dr. Francisco Valdés Ugalde (Flacso México)
Q&A and discussion

11:35 a 11:50. Coffee break
11:50 a 14:20 PANEL 2. “Conditions enabling citizen empowerment and political transformation. International Cases”

Dr. Rachel Nadelman (Accountability Research Center American University, Washington DC): Investigating citizen engagement at the World Bank: What is the World Bank really doing to create opportunity for citizen voice?
Dr. Simón Escoiffer (Oxford University): Citizenship and Sustainable Collective Action in Underprivileged Urban Chile
Dr. Jorge Morel Salman (Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, Perú): When the Private Sector behaves as Civil Society: different trajectories of economic elites in the public sphere in Peru and Colombia
Q&A and discussion

15:30 a 17:50 PANEL 3 “How Political Actors Interact in Mexico? Changes and Continuities”

Dr. Felipe Hevia de la Jara (CIESAS Golfo): State-Society Relational Patterns in Mexico´s Fourth Transformation (Online communication).
Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega (CIDE Aguascalientes): “Water regulation in México: Political Actors and Paradigms for Social and Ecological Transformation”
Dr. Victor Leonel Juan Martínez (CIESAS Oaxaca): Indigenous Rights in Oaxaca: the gap between legal regulation and implementation.
Q&A and discussion

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Fecha: martes 21 de mayo del 2019 9:30am